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How to Delete Your Google Chrome History?

If you do not like Google Chrome to keep a record of the websites that you’ve recently visited, then I’ll tell you some tricks that will help you remove web pages from your Google Chrome history. You can remove web pages that contain specific pages.

How to Delete Your Google Chrome History?
How to Delete Your Google Chrome History?

First Method –

You will need to type chrome: // history in the browsers address bar and then you will need to click the “Clear browsing data” button. Your browsing history will be permanently deleted.

Second Method –

If you want to remove all the marks in a particular website or want to remove all the web pages that contain a particular keyword, then you have to use this second method.

To find a web page from a particular website, use the search box in the Chrome History page, you now have to rotate your mouse over the item and select checkout. You have to delete each page that you want to remove and then click on the “Remove Selected Items” button.

Since not everyone has a selection, so if you want to delete all the pages then you have to first select the checkbox and select the last checkbox with the shift key now. This will select the full list and you can now remove them from history.

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