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What are Time Management Tips for Preparing Exam for the IAS Exam?

As we know, time management is the main factor in any work in which we want success, but here I will discuss time management for the preparation of the IAS exam.

  1. Collect the Necessary Reading Material – The first thing to keep in mind is that you must first collect the reading material that is necessary to prepare the IAS test. Here I will give you the recommended readings that you want to read-  Courses for pre and main, Past Question Year of the Past Five Years, Subject books,Ji’s books, Current Affairs – Competition Ratings, Chronicle, Planning, Kurukshetra and Newspapers, Point-wise notes of any coaching and handmade.
  2. Improve Your Health and Personality – as we know health is wealth. If you are strong, then you are healthy you will focus on your mind on all subjects. For better preparation, you have to be cautious about your health. You should take proper diet, take juice, take full sleep and exercise, make yoga for mental health.
  3. Increase in Your Communication Skills – This is the main demand for a civil servant that he has a good order on his communication. You should know at least one foreign language like English through which it can communicate with the world. So if you do not have any knowledge of this kind of language then you should try to communicate well. You have to increase your communication skills.
  4. Keep Up to Date And Alert – you have to be cautious for any new things happening in the world. This is best for a person who has cleared his prior and main exam and is now preparing for the interview. The probability of seeing alertness is high. Some questions in the interview are so simple but candidates need some vigilance.
  5. Collect Information From the Media – this is also a very important part. You have to gather information from the media. There are many types of media such as newspapers, radio, television or internet. You have to gather information from these mediums in connection with the current affairs of the world, India, science, technology, geography and general know

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