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What is the Action Center in Windows?

The Action Center is a central place to watch alerts and take actions that can help Windows to move smoothly.

The action center informs you when you need to pay attention to the items.

The Action Center lists important messages about safety and maintenance settings for which you need to pay attention.

Red objects have been labeled important in the Action Center, and important issues are indicated which should be addressed soon, such as the old antivirus program which needs to be updated.

Yellow items are suggested that you should consider addressing as recommended maintenance tasks.

You have to open the Action Center

To view details about the Safety or Maintenance section, click on the title or arrow next to the title to expand or collapse the section. If you do not want to see some types of messages, you can choose to hide them from viewing.

Get a Quick Summary of Your Computer’s Status

You can immediately see whether there is any new message in the Action Center by placing your mouse in the notification center icon on the taskbar in the notification area on the taskbar. Click on the icon to see more information, and click on a message to fix the problem. Or, open the Open Action Center to see the message completely.

If you have a problem with your computer, see the action center to see if the problem has been identified. If not, you can also find troubleshooter and helpful links to other tools that can help fix the problems.

Pay Attention

  • If any work or setting is unavailable, it may have been closed by your system administrator.

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