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Are You Know What is Software in Computer?

As you know, the computer can not do anything without the user’s instructions. You have to give a sequence of instructions on the computer to perform any specific job. This set of instructions is called a computer program.

Software refers to the set of computer programs, procedures describing processes, which they are to be used. We can say that this is a collection of programs that increases the hardware capabilities. The software guides the computer to each stage where it is necessary to start and stop during a particular job.

The process of software development is called programming.

You should keep in mind that software and hardware are complementary to each other. To give meaningful results, both have to work together.

Types of software

Computer software is usually classified into two broad categories.

  • Application software
  • System software

Application Software: Application software is a set of programs to operate for a specific application. For example, payroll is an application software for an organization to produce pay slips as an output. Application software is useful for word processing, billing system, accounting, production of statistical reports, analysis of many data in research, weather forecasting etc. In my future post, I will discuss about MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Karl Draw. These are all application software.

Another example of application software is the programming language. COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language) is more suitable for business applications in programming languages ​​while Fortran (Formula Translation) is useful for scientific applications. We will discuss languages ​​in the next section.

System Software: You know that there is a set of instructions program that is to be fed to computers solely for the operation of computer systems. When you switch on a computer, programs written in Rome are executed which activate different units of your computer and prepare it for you to work. This set of program can be called system software. Therefore the system software can be defined as a set of one or more programs designed to control the operation of the computer system.

System software are general programs that are designed to perform tasks such as controlling all the operations needed to carry the computer in and out of data. It communicates with the printer, card reader, disc, tape etc. Monitor the use of various hardware such as memory, CPU, etc. System software is also necessary for the development of application software. System software allows to run an application package on a computer with less time and effort. Remember that it is not possible to run the application software without system software.

Development of system software is a complex task and it requires extensive knowledge of computer technology. Due to its complexity, it has not developed in the house. This system software is built and supplied with computer computer system. DOS, UNIX and Windows are some of the most widely used system software. Of these, Unix is ​​a multi-user operating system whereas DOS and Windows are PC-based.

It is impossible to operate your computer without system software.

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