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What is the Purpose of Life?!?

Answer: To know why you exist, you should know why the thing that you have created is why it exists.

Stop asking why you exist, and ask why God or the universe exists. It does not matter what you believe, because the answer is the same.

If God exists, then what purpose will God follow?

If God or the universe had no Creator, and has always existed, then what would be the reason for the existence of God or the universe?

People say that the purpose of life is to keep the children and be happy and to spread their DNA, but what does this all aim to do?

What does God or the universe get out of us?

George Carlin said that perhaps the universe made us because it wanted plastic, but perhaps the gods and the universities do not need the cause of existence, that’s probably true freedom.

Because if you are born with some purpose, then it is not slavery?

If you have never got a chance to choose what you are standing for, how can you say that you have anything other than slaves and other than slaves?

So you win for whatever reason you want, and do not be afraid of changing your mind, do not be connected to whatever purpose you make, do not make your reality around it, because one day you can learn something which everything changes, you believe, and there is something that we should not fear, because it can happen at any time.


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